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"A Juvenile Mind"

Trained as a theoretical quantum chemist on one hand and as a communicator on the other, Ted pursued dual careers in science and entertainment, finally combining the two professionally in science education in 1979.

As director of Science and Engineering Instructional Television at Louisiana State University, Ted developed educational programs used by scientists around the world. His series of chemistry videos are still in use today, and he won awards for his productions, including the River City film festival in Baton Rouge.

As a staff member at LSU, he developed a student television station with the express purpose of bringing interested young people into the industry. He helped them create a soap opera - the first in the nation at a university, and led them into making the station a university wide cultural experience for all students.

Ted has written more than two thousand scripts for television documentaries, commercials and training films, and has for the past ten years been developing a protfolio of screenplays ranging from "big-ticket" sci-fi to horror, drama, comedy and cult.

A category and logline list are available.

An illustration of a backyard for Ted Baldwin's "The Gridiron Gang" series. Ted developed an animated backdrop for the writing, which has defined and brought insight to the workings of the juvenile mind - his.

The ability to imagine places at home and far away without the luxury of having been there is a characteristic of a good screenwriter.

An illustration of a character for Ted Baldwin's "Orphan Train" trilogy. You see a robot with a raygun. Ted sees an ancient conflict between slaves and masters. It's a matter of perspective, but both are packed with entertainment value. Click to see more about the Orphan Train.

Better yet, when an imagination is coupled with a desire to tell a compelling story in ways audiences demand, you have the makings of a viable screenwriter. Ted's science background, eye for detail, and analytical thought processes make a powerful combination when working out the intricacies of storyline.
Ted is unashamedly a student of Joseph Campbell's Hero-Myth cycle, and loves reinventing stories with its structural powers. (click to go to Hero Myth Cycle)

Current screenplays include "The Orphan Train"- a little girl's quest to save her own life lays bare an ancient conflict between man and machine; " Dead Man's Rap", about the decline of a rap star and his gang; "Two's and Threes", teenagers create a suicide cult; "Forbidden", a terror is created when the love of a man for his grandson causes him to break religious taboos; "Mann and God", evil lurks within a benign society; and "The Two Angelas" - idealism and human nature are played out on the eve of the Nazi Party's rise to power. (Also adapted for the stage. )

All follow the Campbell Myth cycle.

For television, a series about high-stakes players on a football team, "The Immoral Ones", and an animated series about children trying to start a football club, "The Gridiron Gang", are being written. The latter was developed on spec for The Football Network, and as an entity wholly owned by Ted Baldwin, is available for development.
Mr. Baldwin, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of 3rd Coast Digital Films, Inc., is available to speak on a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to screenwriting, animation, production, direction, and digital media. 225.413.6051