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Ted has been doing voice work for radio, television and film since 1967. Click either picture to view the 3rd Coast Digital Films brochure, and hear Ted's voice.

In 1965 he was cast as Amahl in Gian Carlo Menotti's operetta "Amahl and the Night Visitors".

Ted regularly reads his original poetry at gatherings in Baton Rouge.

He has more than two thousand narrations to his credit, many of which are corporate sales presentations for large corporations, television commericals and radio spots.

Ted, reading from "A Christmas Carol" at the Council On Aging's Christmas Dinner, 2003.
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Mr. Baldwin, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of 3rd Coast Digital Films, Inc., is available to speak on a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to screenwriting, animation, production, direction, and digital media. 225.413.6051