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The Ted Baldwin.com site is an example of the typical web presence developed for our clients.
We express the client's personality, and their capabilities, in electronic format.

We look to provide effective, thorough and to-the-point communication.

Many art-school graduates are deeply offended by our approach, citing garish colors, unusual placement of details and "too many pictures". Some are especially troubled by the dark background.

It is true, we are not trying to impress art school teachers. But we are getting our client's messages out in a way that is not hidden, or held back due to conceits about tastefulness. We want to do business, not win awards from other people doing exactly the same boring dull listless yet tastefull stuff. And when we do do tasteful, we do it in our own way.

But the fact remains, our clients tell us these sites are delivering the goods.
Some of our varied clients include:

The EPIC Group

Fonville Winan's Photography

Salon Londyn

The Powell Group

The Newton Group

Cashman Equipment Corporation

Runnels School

Tiger Truck Stop

Total Comfort AC

Hemingbough Cultural Arts Center
(in progress)
Mr. Baldwin, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of 3rd Coast Digital Films, Inc., is available to speak on a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to screenwriting, animation, production, direction, and digital media. 225.413.6051