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I see a film

as inventive as A Trip To The Moon
as memorable as Metropolis
as exciting as Flash Gordon
as visionary as Things To Come
as socially relevant as The Day The Earth Stood Still
as fantastic as When Worlds Collide
as enduring as The War of the Worlds
as stylish as Forbidden Planet
as adventurous as Journey To The Center of the Earth
as stimulating as 2001 A Space Odyssey
as much fun as Star Wars
as suspenseful as Alien
as family friendly as ET
as beautiful as BladeRunner
as ingenious as Back to the Future
as innocent as Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
and as much loved as anything ever done---

Ted is developing 3-D storyboards from his original screenplay for "Orphan Train", a sci-fi epic set in a future where machines have overrun humans, and a small girl goes into deep space to battle robots, armies and aliens to retrieve her only posession.

"Orphan Train" is written as live action, with animated support to tell the visual story in a completely realistic setting.

Like "The Matrix", or "Lord Of The Rings", this film is to be seamless between reality and imagination.

The machine at the refueling depot.
Mr. Baldwin, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of 3rd Coast Digital Films, Inc., is available to speak on a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to screenwriting, animation, production, direction, and digital media. 225.413.6051